How do I create client authorizations?

You can input your client’s NOA (Notice of Action) in GeoH and never lose track of your units as you schedule!

  1. Go to Authorizations on the sidebar. Click “+” or click “+ New Authorizations”.

  2. Enter the client’s name.

  3. Select the visit type (waiver) for this client.

  4. Enter the date range for your authorization. Units are usually distributed monthly.

  5. Select a name for your authorization.

  6. Enter the authorization number if you prefer.

  7. Under unit type, select a value you want to refer to (units or hours).

  8. Enter the client’s bill rate.
    If you chose units, multiple unit rate by the number of units per hour.
    If you chose hours, just add their hourly bill rate.

  9. Bill Rate (Per Diem) are for waivers that have a fixed daily rate. You can skip this step if it doesn’t apply to your client.

  10. Click Save.

  • View client authorizations by going to the Authorization Search page > click on the cycle you want to view > click View.
  • Alternatively, you can view your client’s authorization when you schedule their visits.



Remember to update your client authorizations every month! We added a duplicate button (located next to the delete button) to make this process easier for you.