How do I add a new client?


To create a new client profile:

  1. On the sidebar, go to Clients and click “+ New Client” located at the top right area of the screen. Alternatively, you can also click the “+” next to Clients in the sidebar for a quick shortcut.

  2. Input client information. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the client’s service address, the correct DOB, and the client’s Medicaid ID.

  3. If needed, you can configure the client to a waiver by going to “Visit Type Configuration Section” on the right side of the Edit Client page and selecting the waiver(s) associated to that client.

  4. You can also add the client’s care plan if needed. To learn more, click here.

  5. Click “Save”.

downloadPlease note that some states require agencies to have the client’s ICD-10 codes configured to their waiver. To do this, simply input their ICD-10 codes on the text field provided.